The Top 5 Best Elliptical Workouts [Take Action Now!]

Elliptical machines are almost everyone's favorite gym equipment for the many benefits it brings. Aside from being friendly on joints, this equipment is ideal for a total-body workout. While routine elliptical workout can definitely bring in results, it can get quite boring. Sure, you can use elliptical trainers and let your mind wander for hours, but I'm the type who just can't stand it. If you wish to maximize your time, you can do some elliptical excercise variations and have fun at the same time!

In familiarizing yourself with an elliptical machine, you'll see how beneficial it can be. You can incorporate exercises that target different muscle groups in your routine. Here are some effective and efficient ways plus tips on using contemporary elliptical trainers:

1. Beginner's Workout

If you're just starting out with this wonderful cardio machine, there are some things to keep in mind. When you use the elliptical machine to pedal forward, the quads are what is exactly targeted. Going backwards targets the muscles in the hamstring and the booty. If you push more with the handles, the chest gets worked on, pull and the machine puts your upper back to work. You can also exercise your core by letting go of the handles and concentrating on pace. Adjusting the intensity goes in line with changing the elliptical incline and speed.

2. Elliptical Booty Workout

Change the elliptical equipment's incline to target your glutes and hamstrings. Burn all those calories while improving your booty's appearance as you strengthen cardio. Press your heels and make sure to keep it down the elliptical machine to increase pressure on the glutes.

3. Elliptical Core Workout

Going hands-free and concentrating on the feet does its wonders. It works all the core muscles as you try to stay balanced during elliptical machine operation. Just let go of the elliptical equipment handles when you wish to work on targeting your core. As you get comfortable in this manner, increase the pace to work the core muscles harder.

4. The Good Old Treadmill

See an elliptical machine on the gym, but want the old-fashioned treadmill? No problem, just try this elliptical workout which is the closest to walking on a treadmill. Keep arms in running position instead of holding elliptical handles for a realistic feel.

5. Exercise Chop, Chop!

Working an elliptical machine can take up to an hour long which can be endless without motivation. For those who don't have a lot of time, try this quick and easy workout- 22 minutes is all you need! This workout features short, yet effective intervals to burn through calories in a breeze. The warm-up and cooldown routine is already included in this 22-minute span.

6. Shorter Intervals on the Elliptical

This type of workout proves that elliptical trainers can be impressive hardcore machines. Short, intense intervals will get you the daily dose in the workout department. For an even more intense elliptical session, keep your breaks short in-between sprinting reps. Shortening recovery time allows you to push your anaerobic threshold even further than before. The result is desirable with more cardio strength and a healthier, slimmer body altogether.

7. Elliptical Machine Full Body Workout

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Equal pressure on the upper and lower body occurs when you get on the elliptical machine. The handles aren't just used for stabilizing yourself, rather push or pull on them. You are bound to get even more results within the same amount of time. Keep a straight posture in the process to engage the abs then go on without using the handles. This strategy takes most of the swinging power from lower muscles for improving balance.

3 Common Mistakes on the Elliptical Machine

Having No Workout Plan In The First Place

Don't just step into the elliptical trainer without a set, determined plan. Ask yourself- what are my intentions for this workout session? What do you want to achieve this day? Also, don't forget to take the time to enter your personal information on the elliptical. Customizing it according to your stats present a more accurate read on calories burned. Check the perceived exertion level and see if it's the appropriate amount of resistance. Remember the maxim "no pain, no gain" but don't push yourself too hard at first and you'll get the hang of it. Bottom line, have a plan ready, put in your own information and settings onto the equipment.

The Same Workout, Day In and Day Out

Following the same routine might be effective first. What happens next is almost certain, that is, pretty soon you'll hit a fitness plateau. Change up your variables to keep your body surprised and adapt with consistency. Some elliptical settings you can change are elevation, stride per minute and resistance.

Underestimating the Elliptical Handles

Believe it or not, the handles aren't there just to make it easier for the user. You can miss out on the potential gains if you let your legs do the work while you rest your hands on the elliptical bars. Standing on a forward position makes you lose potential calorie burn. So go into an upright position with your shoulders back to get a more effective workout.

The Bottom Line: Elliptical Trainers Are Great for All Levels

The elliptical machine is one of the best equipment when venturing fitness goals. It's great as a tool for working on your cardio and doubles as an aerobic exercise machine as well. People from all walks of life can take advantage of the elliptical trainer's versatility. Whether beginners, all-rounders or even those looking for an intense workout session. Suffice to say; there's a perfect elliptical workout for all your fitness needs!

Follow some of our tried and tested elliptical exercise mentioned above. Soon enough, you'll see what we mean about having fun while getting fit with an elliptical. There's no time than now to discover a leaner, better you!

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