4 Valuable Elliptical Benefits For Your Health (Useful Review)

Ever heard of an elliptical machine? What was first often seen around gyms has gained so much popularity over the years. Nowadays, this kind of equipment has already entered health-conscious homes. These useful cardio machines can benefit you in so many ways. One of the best elliptical benefits is that this type of exercise could prove to be a vital part of your fitness goals. I have been training with elliptical machines a few times a week. And, I find it a great outlet in place of running or cycling around the neighborhood.

What are the Elliptical benefits that you could gain from using one of these machines? You are bound to see noticeable improvements with this excellent multi-purpose cardio equipment.

Here are some pretty great benefits to getting an elliptical machine for your personal use:

elliptical machine benefits

How does one use an elliptical machine? Simple. Just stand on the pedals, grab both handles. Next, swing your legs in a back and forth motion, making the platform glide. It's that easy!

Treadmills might simulate running, but elliptical machines are more forgiving towards the user's joints. Elliptical machine benefits still include a good workout. This includes activities like running, walking, or hiking a good old trail. In the same vein, you get a wider range of motions as compared to using treadmills. In scientific terms, ellipticals provide intermediate leg motion ranges. This is just like what treadmills and stationary bikes provide. [1]

Professor of exercise physiology and nutrition Thomas Altena, from the Univ. of Missouri-Columbia, conducted some tests. These included perceived exertion, heart rate, acid formation and use of oxygen. This he performed on individuals exercising in an elliptical trainer. What did he discover at the end? Elliptical machines benefits provided were the same benefits in every respect with a treadmill. Pound for pound, it was comparable only with far less impact on the joints. [2]

Easy to Maintain

Just to name a few of the clear benefits of elliptical machines. They strike a good balance between maintenance and total cost. Impact movements become minimal and no less effective than traditional cardio-equipment. The elliptical trainer itself has less moving parts that could present less breaking down. You get more use out of an elliptical than a treadmill or a stationary bike. There's no worrying that the elliptical machine would not fit in your small apartment. There are lots of elliptical machine types in different sizes that you could store into a corner. You could even tuck some elliptical under the desk or fold down to fit your car's trunk.

Low-Impact Exercise

elliptical benefits

Elliptical benefits the user because the machines do not stress the hips, the knees or the back. This is extremely beneficial to people with joint and bone conditions. Those with arthritis, osteoporosis, and ligament tears can save their joints from undue suffering. Still, they can exercise anytime to get fit. Ellipticals are the safer option for some individuals. Those who are obese, recovering from knee surgery and the elderly are examples.

Did you know that elliptical trainers are weight bearing exercise machines? It won't put you at risk for knee pain, but will strengthen your bones and keep it from weakening. [3]

Improve Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic capacity is one of the most important factors to include in your fitness regimen. Using an elliptical machine ups your aerobic capacity towards an effective cardiovascular workout. Having high aerobic capacity means you can do physical activities for quite a while. You can do so without running out of breath too soon, which would prevent you from further exercising. Elliptical machines train you by making you sweat and increasing your heart rate. We're talking about 15 to 20 minutes of exercise spread out in the span of 2 to 3 sessions in a week. Some machine variations include moving poles or body handles to use for aerobic workouts.

Exercise Your Lower Body

Elliptical machines are great for exercising almost all the muscles located in our legs. If you're targeting those in a single session, put your hands down the central handrail first. Then use the force on your legs to operate the machine. Add a little variation by reversing the swinging motion of the legs to produce a more intense session. It supports working the hamstring muscles and the calf compared to the benefits of a forward-swinging motion elliptical.

Burn Calories

Of course, who could forget about one of the greatest benefits of elliptical machines? No other than burning unwanted fat. Elliptical trainers are among the best calorie burners out there. With each swing, you can calculate accurate data of just how many calories are burnt up in the process. Harvard Health Publications released noteworthy studies. They revealed how spending just 30 minutes on an elliptical machine can burn up 400 calories. The research was dependent upon the individual's weight. One has the potential to burn more if they weigh more.

The Verdict on Elliptical Machines

It's pretty hard to ignore all the benefits of elliptical machine training listed here. Elliptical machines are quite helpful over the more traditional cardio exercise equipment. They offer better health rewards and are more low maintenance, to boot. They last longer so you can rely on them to carve a path through better health. What's more, they can increase your mobility and movement range on the hips. In general, this lessens the likelihood to get injured. Keep in mind that working the elliptical machine requires the correct posture. Let your lower body control and support your weight. Remain conscious of your motions and body posture for the greatest workout results.

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