25 Top Amazing Fitness Bloggers You Must Follow [Special]

Top 25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow in 2016

There are a lot of different fitness blogs out there on the Internet. And if you’re serious about fitness advice, then you’ll know it’s important to follow reliable and informative blogs. But knowing which ones to follow and which ones to avoid is hard. It’s not just about following the big names, either. A lot of good information can come from some talented up-in-coming fitness bloggers. Some are informative; others make it funny. In any case, here is a selection of the top fitness bloggers to start following in 2016.

Top Fitness Blogger

1. Adam Bornstein – Born Fitness

Why you should follow him:  Adam is a no-nonsense fitness trainer. He also does personal fitness coaching. More importantly, he’s a fitness blogger. He’s dedicated to giving out the right information that fits your fitness needs, whatever fitness level you’re at. At the heart of Born Fitness is an informative blog that is inspiring and motivating. We all need a little motivation every once in a while, so stay fit and keep learning with Adam.

Top 25 Fitness Blogger

2. Steve Kamb – Nerd Fitness

Why you should you follow Steve:   If you thought being nerdy and fitness don’t go together, then you thought wrong. Steve has combined the best of both worlds in one quirky, funny but extremely useful blog. He also has his personal training certificate. Nerd Fitness was made to inspire those who struggle with motivation, but Steve is prepared to bring you real fitness advice for when it matters.

3. Nia Shanks – Lift like a Girl

Why should you follow Nia:  “Like a girl” isn’t an insult for Nia. In fact, it’s a compliment. It’s a blog written by a woman for women. Nia has taken the time to empower through health and fitness advice. She offers a better, healthier body, but not to impress others. Instead, it’s about your self-confidence. She’s a writer and a personal coach. And she’s helped women fulfill their fitness goals.

Top 25 Fitness Blogger

4. Neghar Fonooni

Why you should follow her:  Neghar teaches women not only fitness and lifestyle tips but about empowerment. She’s also a fitness coach, speaker and blog writer. With 15 years of fitness experience, she’s committed to making women feel confident. And she’s doing it through active, even thought-provoking blog posts.

Top 25 Fitness Blogger

5. Jennipher Walters & Erin Whitehead – Fit Bottomed Girls

Why should you follow them:  Jennipher and Erin try to make fitness fun. To these personal trainers, fitness doesn’t just have to be about workouts and starving diets. In fact, they know that a healthy body starts with enjoyable activities, and may be even the odd snack here or there. An often funny, but relatable blog, the two have a refreshing take on fitness.

Top 25 Fitness Blogger

6. Ben Greenfield

Why do you want to follow him:  Ben inspires by showing and doing. On the inspires by showing and doing. On the blog you’ll find practical fitness tips with some pretty motivating stories and guides. Even the most confusing questions about fitness are answered by Ben. Whether it’s what workout to do, what to eat, or how to lose fat. Ben is all about getting ripped. And he’s going to help you do the same.

Top 25 Fitness Bloggers

7. Eric Cressey

Why do you want to follow Eric:  If you’ve seen commercials for get-ripped-quick workout drinks, you’ll know what fishy looks like. But Eric is definitely not that. He’s taken a bunch of science-backed fitness facts and put it all in one blog. He’ll make sure you know what you’re doing when it comes gym time. He’s a certified coach and certified strength and conditioning specialist. So he knows what he’s talking about.

Top 25 Fitness Bloggers

8. Zuzka Light

Why do you want to follow her:  Zuzka believes workouts don’t have to be drawn-out. In fact, she says it only takes 15 minutes each day to get in shape. She’s a firm believer in making fitness simple and short. She’ll tell you what kind of workout schedule and foods you’ll need to get fit and stay fit.

Top 25 Fitness Bloggers

9. Amanda Brooks – Run to the Finish

Why do you want to follow Amanda:  Run to the Finish is, you guessed it, about running. Amanda has created a community that is everything and all things running. To her, it’s not just about how much or how fast you run, it’s about how it will change your life. She’s a coach that’ll push you through your last mile. Or if it’s just quick tips about healthy diets and supplements, then you’ll want to check her blog out anyway.

Top 25 Fitness Bloggers

10. Tony Gentilcore

Tony’s got everything from blogs, to coaching services to even his own products. But one thing that’ll definitely be worth looking for are his workout guides. He’ll show you what to do, and what to use. He’s a personal trainer and coach. But he’s not all about workouts; he’ll give you real life tips about anything that’s on his mind.

Top 25 Fitness Bloggers

11. Theodora – Preppy Runner

Why do you want to follow Theodora:  Preppy Runner is run by Theodora, a woman who is showing you how she lost 50 pounds. She’s just showing others how she did it. She shares what she does to get a healthy body. Mainly focused on running, she’s bent on documenting every step along the way. From changing up her food to what kind of exercises she does, or even how she fits all of this into her life. You’ll never have to wonder how it’s done, anymore.

Top 25 Fitness Bloggers

12. Karen Ficarelli – Fitness 4 Her

Why do you want to follow Karen:  There’s enough blogs about men’s fitness out there. Karen is dead set on bringing fitness tips to woman who need it. Because she knows it’s hard to find fitness programs, diets or even exercises out there just for women. So she’s made a blog to fix that. She’s a women’s fitness expert who covers a wide range of different fitness topics.

13. Dai Manuel 

Why do you want to follow Dal:  He’s a lifestyle mentor. It’s not just about a fit life. Dai, a proven top fitness blogger, is bringing the ‘fun’ back into a functionally fit life. He knows that fitness can get boring. So his blog inspires. An author of the WLFM e-book, he also thinks that fitness isn’t always about getting buff. It’s about learning too.

Top 25 Fitness Blogger

14. Jessi Kneeland

Why do you want to follow Jessi:  Get rid of negative body image, says Jessi. Every blog post tries to make women love themselves and their fitness level. Not matter where you’re at. Her new-age posts are here to bring self-love and acceptance. While fitness is at the top of Jessi’s list, her blog also includes things like religion, breakups, and even body acceptance. Her philosophy: empowerment.

Top 25 Bloggers

15. Cassey Ho – Blogilates

Why do you want to follow her:  Blogilates is wildly popular with millions of followers and subscribers. The creator, Cassey Ho, a renowned fitness instructor, is obsessed with Pilates. Cassey motivates people to get fit by breaking the rules. Combining today’s pop music with Pilates workouts, she has made exercise and getting fit fun. The same can be said about her blog.

Top 25 Fitness Bloggers

16. Lindsay – The Lean Green Bean

Why do you want to follow her:  Lindsay loves fitness. But it’s not just exercise, at least to her. It’s all about what you put into your body. She’s a registered dietitian that blogs about nutrition and great recipes to try. Along with some workout tips, she makes fitness affordable and simple, one article at a time.

Top 25 Bloggers

17. Kasey Arena – Powercakes

Why do you want to follow Kasey:   Certified personal trainer, author, and a bachelor degree in health and physical education. Kasey’s blogs have authority. You won’t have to skim dozens of sites for real fitness advice anymore.

Top 25 Bloggers

18. Ross Enamait – Ross Training

Why should you follow Ross:   Do you ever wonder how those buff weightlifters got to be? Well, Ross promises to bridge the gap between what is and what could be. He knows exactly what he’s saying in each blog post. He doesn’t waste your time, or his. Ross Training is an inspirational blog meant to push you to your fullest.

Top 25 Fitness Bloggers

19. Karene & Katrina – Tone It Up

Why should you follow Krina and Katrina:  If you’re like me, it’s really hard to push yourself to workout. Which is why I need someone there telling me exactly what to do and how it’s done. Anything from daily workout routines to new recipes, these two transform the idea of fitness. They make it a lifestyle.

Top 25

20. Lisa Gulley – Workout Mommy

Why should you follow Lisa:  Some of the best advice comes from people who’ve been through it all. Lisa knows how hard it is to stay in shape while also being a mom. A badass, single mom, she knows just what she’s doing. And she’s doing it well. Each post will bring you exactly the kind of information you need. This certified personal trainer’s blog helps moms everywhere use fitness tips and advice. So now they can fit a workout into their already hectic family life.

21. John Romaniello – Roman Fitness Systems

Why should you follow John:  He’s a coach and a blogger. Introducing wit and satire to the world of fitness, John doesn’t take much seriously. But one thing that he does take very seriously is fitness. But he makes it entertaining in every post.

22. Douglas Robb – Health Habits

Why should you follow Douglas:  I’ve found it pretty hard to be consistent in life. Especially when it comes to workouts. Health Habits will help you with that. Douglas doesn’t think you should just push through every workout like it’s a chore. But if you take the time to learn, get advice and become part of a community, he thinks it’ll be a whole lot easier workouts. 

23. Scooby Werkstatt – Scooby’s Workshop 

Why should you follow him:   Scooby’s Workshop will tell you which workouts to do. He’ll also tell you up front which ones are just not working. He’s a bodybuilder. So he’s got a passion for the weights. But he’s also excited to post about which exercises will get you from the body you have to the body you want.

24. Tony & Ashley – Black Girls Run 

Toni and Ashley started Black Girls Run! In 2009. They wanted to start chipping away at the obesity problems in African-American communities. So they started blogging about different training, nutrition guides and general lifestyles that will make you healthier. If you’re looking for more than just a blog, they have a strong fitness community.

25. Faya Nilsson – Fitness on Toast 

A half-English personal trainer, Faya founded Fitness on Toast to offer healthy recipes and unusual nutritional tips. Even when it comes to workouts, she’ll share crucial knowledge and experience about it. On a fun side note: her blog’s name is a play on words for, astonishingly, how many meals are served on toast.


There’s a lot of fitness bloggers to read, that’s for sure. But my research confirmed that   these TOP FITNESS BLOGGERS  give smart advice and scientifically-backed workouts proven to help your fitness and health. It’s hard getting the right advice even from experts, let alone the Internet. But these 25 top fitness bloggers are making a huge difference in the lives of many.

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